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Tourist information

Meløy is a beautiful island in Nordland, just at the border between Helgeland and Salten, south and east of Lofoten. Meløy means flour island, because of it’s white beaches.


On Meløya you will meet a genuine population, with an interest in nature, local culture, life at sea and a joy to meet people who come to visit. You will find an island that is not filled with other tourists and you will find a peaceful spot on the globe. But what can you spend your time on while visiting this little island with less than 200 residents?

Felleshytta Fjellheim
First; find a place to stay where you can enjoy the silence, watching the sea and the waves. Listening to the seagulls and see eagles, or enjoying a glass of wine on the terrace while the sun never sets. Here is a link to some accommodation on Meløya.

Later you can use the rest of the day to fish in the ocean or lakes, hiking along an easy path or climb mountains which are hundreds of meters high. Or perhaps a challenging cave tour, kayaking, mountain climbing or cook in a lean-to is something for you.

In summer it is also possible to play tennis and beachvolleyball outdoors, or join other visitors and locals at soccer practice on a great grass court. You can also do fitness in a small fitnessroom. The island also has two private museums where you can see and learn about the local life in the old days, witch include small photograph- and paitingexhibitions.


In the weekends you can have a beer at the local pub, Henrikhålla. The island has a shop with good selection of groceries and you can find everything you need there. Even the locals use the shop as a social meetingarea and welcomes guests into the conversation with great hospitality..


Outside Meløy you will find hundreds of islands, islets and reefs, a paradise for divers and island hoppers. And if you take the tour you may find your own little spot on earth where you can enjoy the midnight sun, good company or the peace and quiet you might not find in your own area. Be aware; if you visit our beautiful island, you might have strong urges to visit again!


If you would like to take the trip you can find route information from Bodø and Ørnes  here.  If you have any questions, please send an email to: post@meloya.no    IMG_3707